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Beach Chillers

Pina colada

Yo brah, just like in the islands! Spiced Rum & Coconut topped with Spiced Rum.


The good old standby! Strawberries & Rum topped with 151 Rum, just for you.

Rip Tide

Holy Undertow! Diesel Fuel, Vodka and orange juice, topped with Diesel Fuel.

Grape Ape

Excuse me while I Hang Ten, busting with Rum, Bourbon, Diesel Fuel, Grape & more Grape, topped with Diesel Fuel.

Rum Runner

A taste of the keys, with Rum, Blackberry Brandy, Banana liquor & Tropical juices, and topped with 151 Rum.


Even the Bettys are envious of this one! Made with the freshest Mangos we could find, & Rum.


You'll go ape over this one! Rum, Banana liquor with just a hint of Coconut, topped with Amaretto.


Walk on the wild side! Dark Rum, Café Lolita, Coconut, Cream, then topped with Café Lolita coffee liquor.

Duck Dive

Insanely Tart! Rum, Blue Curacao and sweet & sour, topped with Citrus Vodka.


Can you say Tequila??? Sure you can... topped with Tequila.

Tidal wave

This one will make you want to get back in the foam!! Gator bite, Black raspberry, Orange Vodka, Coconut Rum, topped with Raspberry Vodka.


After you drink this, you'll say c'ya later! Cherry mix, Diesel Fuel, Dark Rum, Tropical Punch Vodka , topped with Cherry Vodka.

Wacked Out Blends

Get Bent

Dedicated to those of you who are well! A mix of Rum Runner & Pina Colada, then topped with 151 Rum.

Chode Burn

Something to ease the pain, with a little bit of everything, all of 'em! Then, Topped with Diesel fuel.

Wipe Out

Well, you have to get back on the board eventually. Mango, Duck Dive, Rum Runner, topped with Dark Rum.


Need we say more? Rip Tide & Grape Ape, topped with Diesel fuel.

Endless Summer

It may not ever end! Strawberry and Pina Colada, topped with Spiced Rum.

White Water

It may seem rough, but in the end it's all good! Bushwhacker & Pina colada, topped with Dark Rum.


What a cutie! Banana, Bushwacker, finished off with a topper of Café Lolita coffee liqueur.

Men In Gray

Swimming with the fishes never tasted so good!! Tidal Wave, Duck Dive, topped off with Citrus vodka.

Washing Machine

Wash, rinse, repeat, makes ya a little dizzy. S'later, Margarita, Grape Ape, Strawberry, topped with Diesel Fuel.


At the end of this ride you'll say, I'm Done! Banana, Duck Dive, Grape Ape, Margarita, Strawberry, Rum Runner, Rip Tide, yum! Topped off with dark rum mon!

Goofy Foot

It'll make you ride funny! Mix Duck Dive with Grape Ape & topped with Diesel fuel.

Tie Me To A Skim Board

You'll need a new leash after this one. Banana , Mango & Grape Ape. Topped with dark rum.

Island Sunset

Walk along the shore at dusk with this burst of flavor!! Strawberry Mango & Rum Runner. Topped with 151.

Get Amped

This will get your blood pumping! Rip Tide & Grape Ape. Topped with diesel fuel.

Lemon Drop

Pucker up for our version of sour power, Duck Dive & Margarita. Topped with Citrus vodka.

Strawberry Margarita

Share this one with your girlie bro!! Strawberry mixed with our Margarita creating a gnarly strawberry punch.

North Shore Love Shake

The Shak is showing you some love!! A mix of Banana , Bushwacker & Pina Colada. Topped with Coffee Liqueur.


Make sure to keep your cape out of the sand! Combine our bitchin Rip Tide , Rum Runner & Duck Dive. Topped with Diesel fuel.
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